Indigo x Song An: 2022 A Year In Review

Step into a world of empowerment and collaboration as Indigo and Song An shape the landscape of education and career counseling. Our 2022 Year in Review takes you on a remarkable journey through our partnership, showcasing the impactful moments and transformative experiences that defined our year.

In this blog post, we celebrate the power of self-awareness, empathy, and freedom in unlocking success for learners and educators alike. Let’s relive the magic of our year together and set the stage for even greater achievements to come. Welcome to the blog post that commemorates a year of growth and collaboration.

2022 Indigo x Song An: Business-to-Consumer

Indigo Assessments delivered to students, teachers & career consultants
Young Professionals impacted by Indigo
Career Consultants completed IndigoBasics Certification Training
Career Consultants participated in a peer-learning results debrief workshop​

2022 Indigo x Song An: Business-to-Business

Our partnership with British University Vietnam (BUV) is going strong. We signed a second-year contract with 400 Indigo assessments.

With Amanotes, we rolled out a pilot for a team of ten members to evaluate the feasibility of scaling up.

A new partnership with Student Life Care, a start-up offers support services for Vietnamese students who study abroad, was established. 39 students took the Indigo assessments.

2023 Indigo x Song An Plan

The Way Forward


Increase Indigo’s breadth of impact to new groups of students.


Continue our ongoing support with BUV, while establishing partnership with a new partner.

Career Consultants

Foster practice and supervision sessions for Indigo certified career consultants.

Thank you for your partnership!

“The path of leading change is a lonely one, and none of us
succeeds without the help of many.”

– Jacqueline Novogratz

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