Understanding Motivators: Theoretical

The theoretical motivator icon.
Desire to learn for the sake of knowledge.

People who have a High Theoretical motivator love learning-oriented challenges—anything where they can learn a new skill. Some Theoreticals will want to go deep on a handful of subjects, while others will be all over the place with their learning. Many Theoreticals go on to Masters or Doctoral degrees.

If you are a High Theoretical, you should figure out the particular way you approach learning and look for challenges and opportunities that will push you to go deeper in your studies. When you look at future career options, make sure there are opportunities for continuous learning and intellectual growth. Seeking out a group of friends who are interested in similar topics will feel stimulating and exciting.

As a passionate Theoretical, you might run the risk of going so deep in an interest area that you lose interest in other topics. If that is the case, find a more specialized educational program or job where you can dedicate more time to go as deep as possible in your specialty.

Reflection Questions: High Theoretical

If Theoretical is one of your top two motivators, consider the questions below.  Remember, the higher your score is, the more you may feel passionate about that motivator. If you have a very high score, think about how it might stand out in your life and how you can use your passion in practical ways. The lower your score is, the more negative you probably feel about that motivator.

    • How do you like to learn?
    • What topics excite you?
    • What do you want to learn about that relates to your other top motivator?
    • Write about your favorite learning experience, project, or assignment.
    • Do you have opportunities to learn everything you are interested in?
    • Can you get involved in ground breaking research in your field?
    • Motivators can help you know what you want most out of your career and future plans. Do your future plans align with your top motivators?

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