Activity: Continuous Learning

Dedicate yourself to the pursuit of continuous learning, a lifelong journey that embraces curiosity, inquiry, and the expansion of your expertise and skills. This blog post showcases what it means to be a lifelong learner, explores various methods to achieve continuous learning, recognizes your existing efforts, and helps you commit to ongoing growth both personally and professionally.

Engage in the activity to learn more and lay a foundation for perpetual learning, ensuring success in school, life, and work.

The Goal

Being a continuous, lifelong learner involves making a commitment to pursuing questions, engaging in inquiry, and expanding one’s areas of expertise and skill. This activity is designed to provide an opportunity to define lifelong learning, to acknowledge the ways in which one is already a lifelong learner, and to commit to always continuous learning in school, at work, and in life.

Step 1:

Read 50 Ways to Be A Lifelong Learner at Home.

Step 2:

As you read, take notes using the format below, or print the template in the PDF below (click “Download PDF” to view).

Step 3:

What commitment will you make to engage in continuous learning in your work and in your life? Write down your commitment.

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