Activity: Conflict Management

Conflict is often viewed as a source of tension and discomfort, something to be avoided at all costs. However, beneath the surface lies a powerful catalyst for innovation and growth. Some of the most profound ideas emerge from the depths of conflict, yet many shy away due to a lack of effective conflict resolution skills. In this blog post, we present a six-part process to empower you to navigate conflicts confidently, whether in school, life, or your career.

The Goal

Some of the best new ideas result from fully engaging in conflicts. Many people avoid conflict because they have not learned the skills necessary to create productive conflict. This activity will give you a six-part process you can use whenever you encounter conflict.

Step 1:

Read the short article, “The Proven Six-Step Tool for Conflict Resolution”. As you read, consider the extent to which you have or have not used these six strategies when engaging in conflicts in the past.

Step 2:

Consider your skills in these six strategy areas and rank them from your strongest skill to your weakest skills, with 1 being your strongest skill and 6 being your relatively weakest skill.

Conflict Management Ranking Table

Step 3:

Set a goal for your part in the next important conflict situation you encounter. What will you do more of? What will you do less of?

Goal 1: I will do more……

Goal 2: I will do less…….

Step 4:

As you go through the next week, observe the conflicts you are involved in, both large and small. Use these situations as opportunities to practice the Six-Step Tool for Conflict Resolution, and then reflect on these questions:

What did you learn about conflict as you used the Six-Step Tool?

What did you learn about yourself as you used the Six-Step Tool?

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